Robot Writing

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Robot WritingArtificial Intelligence creeps into the creative world.

Confession. I read a lot. Books and magazines mostly. Oh, and newspapers. Yeah, newspapers.

Good reading habits are integral to writers. Books help hone craft. I’ve always read newspapers because those little snippet articles in the back pages provide wonderful fodder for imagination.

Erick MertzRobot Writing

Self Publishing – Sell Yourself

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Self Publishing

Art, Creativity and… Discounts?

Self PublishingRecently, I was talking project price with an editing client. We were trying to find the best payment plan to make the work affordable when I mentioned my regular self publishing discount.

She seemed surprised. Well, first she was grateful then she was surprised.

Erick MertzSelf Publishing – Sell Yourself

Article submission – the value of a simple thank you

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article submission, ghostwriter, erick mertz, portland, oregonAmong the hardest lessons learned in the article submission process come from rejection.

Although it can be quite difficult, I don’t allow rejection get me down. While disappointed to hear bad news like anyone else, I know that the word “no” is not the end of the line with a …

Erick MertzArticle submission – the value of a simple thank you