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The Right Time For Screenplay Ghostwriting Services

We live in a golden age of TV and movies. With the recent proliferation of platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, the market for new and original content has never been better.

Don’t just take my word though. In January, reports came out …

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Among the most frequent questions that I get asked when a prospective client contacts me about a ghostwriting job are: “what is ghostwriting” and “what exactly do you do?”.

These questions are not as silly as they might sound. They come more often than “how much are you going to …

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Artificial Intelligence Becomes Future Ghostwriting


Confession. I read a lot. Books and magazines mostly. Oh, and newspapers. Yeah, newspapers.

Good reading habits are integral to writer’s success. Books hone the craft. I’ve always read newspapers. Those little little snippet articles in the back pages provide wonderful fodder for imagination. …

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Professional ghostwriter talks productivity – Go do…nothing?


Now, I’d like to talk about the power of… boredom?

If our culture is obsessed with anything, ita’s obsessed with time. Your social media feed is likely teeming with articles about how we can master it, get more of it, and get …

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