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Artificial Intelligence Becomes Future Ghostwriting


Confession. I read a lot. Books and magazines mostly. Oh, and newspapers. Yeah, newspapers.

Good reading habits are integral to writer’s success. Books hone the craft. I’ve always read newspapers. Those little little snippet articles in the back pages provide wonderful fodder for imagination. …

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Ghostwriter Services

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Professional ghostwriter talks productivity – Go do…nothing?


Now, I’d like to talk about the power of… boredom?

If our culture is obsessed with anything, ita’s obsessed with time. Your social media feed is likely teeming with articles about how we can master it, get more of it, and get …

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How To Hire A Ghostwriter

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The use of setting can have a powerful emotional impact in your story

But mastering the use of setting to enhance certain elements of the plot can be a difficult process. As a professional ghostwriter, I regularly work with writers whose use of setting falls short of delivering the impact …

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