When No Doesn’t Hurt


Ghostwriting, Ghostwriter, Erick MertzThere are precious few certainties in ghostwriting. Securing an assignment is (at best) a treacherous prospect, one often littered with confusion and self-doubt inducing silence.

One of the most precarious uncertainties facing a ghostwriter is the frequent lack of “no”. This is an eerie truth no one bothers to share when you go out on your own. You are going to get turned down for a lot of work that you throw your best effort at (much more than you’ll land) but learning that you’re not getting the gig by actually hearing no only happens rarely.

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Erick MertzWhen No Doesn’t Hurt
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So You Want To Be A Ghostwriter?

Writer For Hire Ghostwriter GhostwritingA ghostwriter’s role is often curious. Maybe it’s embedded in the name. I have performed the job for more than ten years and yet I still find myself surprised by what crosses my desk.

Ghostwriting is a stranger prospect to writers than non-writers though. When I try and explain what I do to a non-writer they understand it intuitively. Try and describe to other professional writers and they glaze over with confusion.

Erick MertzSo You Want To Be A Ghostwriter?
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Manuscript Makeover

Ways To Love Re-Writing Your Novel

If you’re like most writers, completing your novel’s first draft is a cathartic experience. From story inspiration up through meticulous plot and character development and execution, story creation is a special act, regardless of level of experience.

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Erick MertzManuscript Makeover
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