5 Tips For A Successful Query Letter

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successful query letterThere is no sure fire template for how to write a successful query letter. There are, however, smart ways to address each of a letter’s five main sections.

Here are five top-to-bottom tips for a successful query letter that will sell your manuscript.


Every successful query letter needs to

Erick Mertz5 Tips For A Successful Query Letter

On Submission | The Waiting Game

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on submissionProfessional writer’s thought on submission and tips for how to use the time in between.

One of the most difficult things that we learn in our lives is the art of moving on. Whether that movement is away from people or situations or ways of thinking, moving on is tantamount

Erick MertzOn Submission | The Waiting Game

Writer’s Conference – Jump Right In!

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When you go to a writer’s conference, the back corner of the room might feel safe but it won’t do you much good to hide there.

There is a lot to be said about participation trophies. For a writer though, there are no trophies without participation.

It’s Sunday morning at

Erick MertzWriter’s Conference – Jump Right In!