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fiction writer for hire, erick mertz, portland, ghostwriterAs a fiction writer for hire, I’m always honing my craft. A long time ago, that used to mean reading books. Lots of books. Then it was blogs, smaller and more digestible. Now it’s podcasts, the ultimate one-hour anywhere boost to your writing craft.

This is by no means a definitive list of the best writer podcasts out there. In order to understand the writing business and prepare for working with a ghostwriter, these are the five writing podcasts I recommend.






Click here if you want to check out a recent list of my favorite self-publishing podcasts.


fiction writer for hire, erick mertz, oregon portlandDo you know of a great writer podcast? Leave it in the comments below.

Do you need a fiction writer for hire? Stuck on something in your writing? Why not Ask A Ghostwriter?

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If you’re serious about having your fiction, screenplay or non-fiction story professionally written, or you need self publishing help, please contact me via email, or call for a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation.  

Erick MertzAsk A Ghostwriter – Best Fiction Writer Podcasts

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