Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a story you want the world to read?

I do not offer a one size fits all solution. I believe that every project and client has different needs. Together, we will design a plan for writing and finishing your project that suits your vision.

Are you ready to finally get your story out into the world? I can assist in all aspects of the writing, production or publishing process.

Core Services Include

*Story development
*Manuscript writing
*Screenplay writing

Have you already started but are unsure where to go next?

*Development and content editing
*Manuscript consultation
*Book proposals
*Query letters
*Author platform


I don’t publish a rate sheet. Instead, I offer a free consultation to anyone who contacts me.

I am a professional writer. What does that mean? It means that I won’t write your book for credit. Nor will I take a share of profits in lieu of profits.

Professional ghostwriters get paid for their work.

I do offer a wide variety of payment plans and can tailor something to fit your budget. If my services are too expensive, I do work with a team of professional writers and editors who may be more suited to where you are.


My clients have gone onto success in self-publishing and traditional markets. My screenplays are award winning and have successfully sold on the spec market.
One of my clients parlayed his personal story into a two-season TV deal with A&E.

This kind of opportunity can be yours and it is only a click away.

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