Hiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay

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In many ways, the market for screenplays is as vibrant as ever. Success there though depends on understanding a few truths. Here are four things that you should be aware of before hiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay.

There Are More Diverse Markets Than Ever:

Remember when thirty-six cable channels and your local video store was the video menu? Twenty-five years ago the media landscape was relatively simple to sort out.

Today it is almost impossible to come up with an accurate estimate of how many so-called channels there are available for media consumers to choose from. What all of those streams really add up to is a lot of opportunity for your product to find its audience.

A staggering variety for consumers translates to an increasing number for content creators. Someone has to write all that programming. Why not consider hiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay?

The Spec Market Is Not Dead (It’s Just Different):

For a while back in the 1990’s writers could name their price for a spec written screenplay. People in the industry still enjoy talking about those days of million dollar auctions.

Sorry, but that isn’t the case anymore. A smaller number of screenwriters are selling for six and seven figures but a growing number are selling at a pretty decent price.

When you’re discussing a ghostwriting budget, be sure that its with an eye on what is realistic to recoup on the end sale. Screenwriting is a business. Your ghostwriter should be able to advise on how the story you’re writing together fits into the screenplay market.

It’s About Who You Know:

When you’re choosing which ghostwriting professional is right for your screenplay, be sure to find out who they know. It matters.

It really matters.

Work is done on a person to person basis. That is why the old myth about going to LA used to be so prevalent. While that isn’t necessarily the truth anymore (after all, I can take a Skype meeting in my pajamas and sometimes do) connections matter. People want to work with people they know and trust already. Whether through by conference, local community or by an on-line community, your ghostwriter should know someone above the line.

Think Bigger & Broader:

The American screenplay and screen and television market is vibrant. So are markets across the globe though and your ghostwriter should be aware of that.

Most films find their funding in a variety of forms. Finance is a global business and the bigger your concept and broader your scope, the more likely your project is to find investors.

Writing screenplays with a broad and global appeal is perhaps more important now than ever. Does your goal include an international audience? Tell your ghostwriter to be sure elements that will enable reaching that audience are alive and well within your work.

Erick MertzHiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay

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