Hiring a memoir ghostwriter

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The market for a memoir ghostwriter is exploding in a big way. And why not?

Recent studies have shown time and again that reader interest skews toward memoir. They prefer the tell all and personal account over fiction by a significant margin.

Most of the top grossing memoirs got there with some assistance from a ghostwriter. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a memoir ghostwriter to help with your project.


A memoir’s success requires balance. The book needs to be a personal and honest account, but it has to show a measure of objectivity as well.

The best ghostwriters on the market are well-versed in how to maintain an objective eye. This becomes a critical skill when the book project is so close to home for the client.


I love interviewing clients. I can say that it is my favorite tasksĀ as a ghostwriter. Among my favorite responses (one I get often too) is: “wow, I never thought of it that way.”

This response speaks to what I have come to see as an almost universal truth. We become so honed in that our perspective on experience narrows and we tend to neglect detail.

Consequently, we leave out areas of a story that might seem insignificant. Bringing a ghostwriter on is key to ensure you’re digging deeper, beyond those first impressions.


Another thing I hear from my clients is how trying to figure out how to tell the story they have lived (or are living) can be suffocating. Quite often, memoirs tackle tough social issues and to write one, a storyteller has to attain a position of remove.

A ghostwriter allows the storyteller and subject to do just that. Tell the story. That freedom to simply tell makes a big difference in the story breadth.


Last but maybe the most crucial is polish. Another universal truth? There are storytellers and there are writers. And rarely do those roles reside in the same person.

A ghostwritten memoir delivers an air of polish. That professional touch is so crucial to success in a very competitive market place. To ensure that your memoir reaches its full prospective audience, acclaim from early readers on Goodreads and Amazon is vital.

Don’t go out with a book that’s not ready. A ghostwriter can help give your memoir that professional shine and that may be the difference between ten sales and ten thousand.

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