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Hiring a professional ghostwriter

Do you have a story that you need to tell?

I believe everyone has at least one book they would love to write and get out into the world.

If you’re like most people, however, something always seems to get in the way of sitting down to actually write that story. Whether that obstacle is time, or not knowing exactly where to start, barriers tend to arise when we sit down to put inspiration to the page.

If that sounds like you, let me ask you a question: why not hire a ghostwriter? Using professional ghostwriting services can be a great way to go from frustrated to finished manuscript in no time at all. Whether your idea is fiction or nonfiction, working with a ghostwriter can change everything.

Over the last fifteen years, I have provided high-quality ghostwriting services to a diverse array of clients across the world. I have worked with people from every walk of life on a wide assortment of interesting projects ranging from non-fiction and memoir, to fiction and screenplays. Books I have ghostwritten have been published by major publishers and gone on to receive critical acclaim. Many of the screenplays I have written for clients have been optioned by producers and eventually produced.

Not only are ghostwriting services a good choice to help you get your story written. They are a first step on the road to reaching your audience.

Some clients I encounter aren’t sure exactly what shape their story will take. They ask themselves, should my story be a novel? Or is it more of a screenplay? Would my story work better as a memoir?

These are common questions. Every writer, regardless of experience, asks these at some point.

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Memoir Ghostwriting

How long have you had a burning desire to write your life story? Months? Or is it more like years? Is there a chapter in your life that you’re dying to share, knowing there is an audience who would benefit, but you’re not quite sure how? If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place. I offer memoir coaching and ghostwriting services designed with one goal in mind.

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Screenplay Ghostwriting

Like most other types of writing, screenplays can be ghostwritten. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that a vast majority of the movies and television programs you watch were written by someone (or a team) behind the scenes. Hiring a screenwriter for your project is, as it turns out, a viable option.  

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If you’re looking to hire a ghostwriter for your project, you’re probably mulling over a few questions. In my twenty years of experience in the industry, I find prospective clients have a general idea of what a ghostwriter does and what the services could possibly look like, but there are still a lot of ambiguities.

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Business Book Ghostwriting

A business book ghostwriter does professionally what you don’t have the time to. They write your book while you continue to build your business. I provide expertise in delivering a clear and concise message that works two ways. Your book will serves as a source of valuable information for your prospective client, but also a big business card.

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Self-Publishing Consultant

As a publishing consultant, I work with authors to define exactly what they want out of their projects. Whether that project is a fiction novel, ambitious novel series, non-fiction book or a screenplay, we focus on small, attainable goals and the steps toward reaching those goals. 

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Video Script Copywriting

On-line videos are an increasingly popular way to reach your audience. You see them everywhere. Engaging potential customers, whatever your business, requires almost constant contact. In this marketplace, one of the most meaningful ways you can reach them is through video. In order to optimize your message to reach that audience, you need an experienced video script copywriter.

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Fiction Manuscript Editing

Now is a great time to write a book. Publishing platforms like Amazon have opened the doors for a broad spectrum of exciting fiction from a diverse collection of authors. If you’re working on fiction manuscripts, and you want to break into the market, you need fiction editing services to increase your chances.

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Fiction Ghostwriting

Looking for a ghostwriter can be a difficult process. Among the most important things you need to know are the specific services you’re potentially hiring for, expectations for effective collaboration, and, in the case of fiction ghostwriting, the desired outcomes.