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  • "Erick has the ability to go 'beneath the surface' seeking why the memory and/or teaching is so important... This proved vital as my most important purpose was producing a book for my family. If you are seeking assistance in completing the task of writing a book, I encourage you to contact Erick. I know you will not be disappointed." — Tim Diehl, His Faith & Memories

    His Faith and Memories
    Tim Diehl – His Faith & Memories
  • “Erick Mertz helped with Revelle my debut, self-published fiction novel. He was instrumental in the difficult editing and development phases, increasing overall quality of the manuscript in preparation for publication. He has a keen sense of story and character, and I highly recommend him to writers needing help with those, i.e. to pretty much any writer of fiction.” — Alison Wiley, author of Revelle: A Novel See more of Alison’s novel here at Diamond-Cut-Life.

  • “Erick Mertz worked as a consultant on Tear Drops In The Wind my debut self published novel. Not only was he helpful with increasing the quality of my fiction, he was instrumental in teaching me how to get my book published. Erick Mertz brought a great deal of value to my fiction project and I would recommend him to anyone ready to start self-publishing.” — Lady Robin Thompson, author of Teardrops In The Wind

    Teardrops in the Wind
    Teardrops In The Wind
query letters, manuscript consultation

How To Write Memoir Outlines

Does this sound familiar? A bolt of inspiration strikes. It’s time to finally start writing your memoir. This time your life story, the book you have picked up and put down a dozen times, is going to happen. Where are you supposed to start though? You need to know how

query letters, manuscript consultation

Query Letters | Do Writers Really Need One?

Whatever you write, whether it’s memoir or fiction, you’ve probably heard that you need query letters in order to reach agents or publishers.  What exactly are query letters though? And do you really need one? Whether you’ve just started dipping your toes in the writing/publishing world, or you’ve been around

small press publishing

Small Press Publishing | What Can It Do For You?

Over this past weekend, I attended the Willamette Writers Conference. The annual gathering of writers, publishers, agents and creatives is a great time to connect and learn about the craft and business of writing books. It’s also a great time to figure out what everyone’s talking about and this year,

ghostwriter rates

Ghostwriter Rates Explained!

Most of my clients end up shopping around before hiring me. If you have read anything I’ve written about hiring a ghostwriter over the years, I recommend everyone talk to a few ghostwriters before committing to one. After all, how will you know who you resonate with until you talk

book layout design

Book Layout Design Matters | Reasons To Invest In A Pro

Independent publishing has opened the doors for authors in ways nobody could have imagined. A decade ago, the idea of indie author success seemed nearly impossible; even five years ago, reaching an audience seemed highly unlikely. Today self-publishing authors have firmly placed their mark on the book world, a trend

professional ghostwriting service

Professional Ghostwriting Service | Why It’s Right For You

Content is king. If you’re in business, from authors to entrepreneurs, you understand the constant need to reach an audience. How do you accomplish that? A steady stream of content. From novels to marketing scripts to screenplays, a professional ghostwriting service is a strong asset, worthy of investment.  Content is

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