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ghostwriter services, portland oregonDo you have a story that you need to tell? I believe everyone has at least one book they would love to write and get out into the world.

If you’re like most people, however, something always seems to get in the way of sitting down to actually write that story. Whether that obstacle is time, or not knowing exactly where to start, barriers tend to arise when we sit down to put inspiration to the page.

If that sounds like you, let me ask you a question: why not hire a ghostwriter? Using professional ghostwriting services can be a great way to go from frustrated to finished manuscript in no time at all. Whether your idea is fiction or nonfiction, working with a ghostwriter can change everything.

Over the last fifteen years, I have provided high-quality ghostwriting services to a diverse array of clients across the world. I have worked with people from every walk of life on a wide assortment of interesting projects ranging from non-fiction and memoir, to fiction and screenplays. Books I have ghostwritten have been published by major publishers and gone on to receive critical acclaim. Many of the screenplays I have written for clients have been optioned by producers and eventually produced.

Not only are ghostwriting services a good choice to help you get your story written. They are a first step on the road to reaching your audience.

Some clients I encounter aren’t sure exactly what shape their story will take. They ask themselves, should my story be a novel? Or is it more of a screenplay? Would my story work better as a memoir?

These are common questions. Every writer, regardless of experience, asks these at some point.

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As a professional ghostwriter, I am capable of planning and writing a manuscript that captures your voice and vision, ensuring that your book sounds like you. I have written screenplays in all major genres, from dramas to comedies to action and adventure.

The best part for many prospective clients is the potential low time commitment involved. Once we start working together, I do all of the writing.

In addition to providing ghostwriting services, I also work as a developmental editor. As an editor, I work to strengthen and form an already written manuscript. I give clients notes on critical elements like plot and character that help them take their manuscript to the next level.

Are you sitting on a finished manuscript, but are unsure how to go about getting it published? Consultation with an experienced story professional can help you get that story idea out of neutral and onto the page. I can help you layout and design your book in addition to publishing it on an Amazon sales page optimized for your success.

Don’t let the opportunity to tell your story pass you by. There has never been a better time than now to work with a professional ghostwriter on finishing your book.

Once it’s done, you can finally get it out into the world.

I love stories and I cannot wait to hear yours. If you’re reading this, don’t waste another moment. Find out what it takes to get started working with a ghostwriter today. You won’t regret it.

Have you run into a dead-end with what is becoming an endless re-write? Are you back from a writer’s conference or writer’s group with the impulse to re-write but don’t know where to start? Have an idea that requires a professional ghostwriter’s touch?

Don’t let your fiction or memoir manuscript sit collecting dust on the shelf one more moment!

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Why Work With A Professional?

  • Professional Results

    Can you afford to publish anything but the best?

  • Fast Turn Around

    Wait days, not months for your project to be published

  • Overall Cost Savings

    Save money overall on your project

  • Get it done!

    Finally finish your writing projects

See what authors are saying!

  • "Erick has the ability to go 'beneath the surface' seeking why the memory and/or teaching is so important... This proved vital as my most important purpose was producing a book for my family. If you are seeking assistance in completing the task of writing a book, I encourage you to contact Erick. I know you will not be disappointed." — Tim Diehl, His Faith & Memories

    His Faith and Memories
    Tim Diehl – His Faith & Memories
  • “Erick Mertz helped with Revelle my debut, self-published fiction novel. He was instrumental in the difficult editing and development phases, increasing overall quality of the manuscript in preparation for publication. He has a keen sense of story and character, and I highly recommend him to writers needing help with those, i.e. to pretty much any writer of fiction.” — Alison Wiley, author of Revelle: A Novel See more of Alison’s novel here at Diamond-Cut-Life.

  • “Erick Mertz worked as a consultant on Tear Drops In The Wind my debut self published novel. Not only was he helpful with increasing the quality of my fiction, he was instrumental in teaching me how to get my book published. Erick Mertz brought a great deal of value to my fiction project and I would recommend him to anyone ready to start self-publishing.” — Lady Robin Thompson, author of Teardrops In The Wind

    Teardrops in the Wind
    Teardrops In The Wind
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