Benefits of A Video Script Copywriter

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benefits of a video script copywriter

Do you need video content for your business website? Are you thinking of writing that content yourself? I’m here to urge you to think again and consider the benefits of hiring a video script copywriter.

On-line videos are an increasingly popular way to reach your audience. You see them everywhere you go. Engaging potential or returning customers, whatever your business, requires constant contact.

Today, you simply cannot afford to fade from view. Whether you’re building or maintaining your brand, in this highly competitive marketplace, the most meaningful ways you can reach customers is through video. 

The trouble with doing writing your content yourself is this: despite the impulse, most of us are not writers. Most business people have an idea what they want to say. What they really need is someone to help them say it right.

Benefits Of Hiring A Video Script Copywriter?

benefits of a video script copywriter

The benefits of hiring a video script copywriter are too many to list here. I have boiled them down, however, to just a few.

  1. The first benefit of a video script copywriter is that they can see the whole picture. Are you able to do market research with a business to attend to every day? Maybe you are, but odds are, a professional touch can help bring that into focus. 
  2. Professional level writing requires time — a lot of time. With everything you already have on your plate, is it realistic to add copywriting to the mix?
  3. A properly designed video marketing strategy requires careful planning. The benefit of a video script copywriter is that you’ll have someone dedicated to making that work. 
  4. Marketing requires knowledge. A professional video script copywriter can keep up with what’s going on in your local market to ensure your message is optimized to reach your changing audience.
  5. The last benefit of a video script copywriter is accountability: bringing on a professional ensures that your work is getting done on a regular basis. 

The benefits couldn’t be more clear.

Why Hire Me As Your Video Script Copywriter?

I have twenty years experience in ghostwriting, working for a variety of clients from around the world. Additionally, I have an award-winning background in screenwriting, so I bring knowledge of how to deliver a message on screen.

My rates are affordable, making getting your message out a reality, regardless of the size of your company.

I offer discounted long-term packages for regular clients.

My team includes social media marketing experts to help you distribute the message on your platforms.

benefits of a video script copywriter

How Do I Contact You?

erick mertz, ghostwriting services, screenplay ghostwritersIf you are serious about hiring a professional ghostwriter for your book, screenplay, or non-fiction story, or you need help with editing or self-publishing your manuscript, please contact me via email, or call.

Every new contact receives a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation.

Additionally, I offer all independent and self-publishing authors a 10% discount on my already affordable services.

Erick MertzBenefits of A Video Script Copywriter

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