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Sep 8, 2018 | Ghostwriting

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

We live in a golden age of TV and movies. With the recent proliferation of platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, the market for new and original content has never been better.

Don’t just take my word though. In January, reports came out that Netflix was committing $8 billion dollars to the production of original content in 2018 alone.

That is a significant investment for one company.

Hiring a well-connected professional for high quality screenplay ghostwriting services is the best way to ensure your original material gets its place in front of top shelf producers.

Screenplay ghostwriting services by Erick Mertz Writing

When To Hire A Professional?

As a professional ghostwriter with over fifteen years experience, I have worked on screenplay projects from a variety of jumping off points. There is no real “right time” other than now.

I can work off of concept. That means all you bring to our first meeting is a basic pitch or idea. From that basic starting line, we create the compelling characters and storylines necessary to bring your story to life.

Screenplay Ghostwriting Services get it done

Other writers come with a source material. Perhaps they have a short story, a novel or non-fiction article that they want to adapt for the screen. If you already have the rights to a story, an existing intellectual property or source material can be an exciting starting point.

What Is A High Quality Screenplay Ghostwriting Service?

Over the last ten years, my screenplays have placed highly in a variety of contests, everything from the Oscar’s prestigious Nichol Fellowship in Screenwriting, to the Austin Film Festival to the Story Pros.

In addition, many of my clients have optioned or sold and produced the work I have written for them. Still others have gone on to parlay their screenplay as a sample material.

My track record of success has taken me from established production companies, to independent producers to Bollywood and the exciting international market. I believe that I am the right choice for your screenplay because I have the skill and experience, and I know how to position your work inside the market.

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