how to adapt your novel into a screenplay

How To Adapt Your Novel Into A Screenplay

Let me see if this scene sounds familiar. You’re watching a movie at home. Some story that captivates your imagination, sparking a spirited conversation with whomever you’re watching with. As the movie comes to an exciting and satisfying finish, you watch the credits and reflect on what you just watched.

how to write a life story

How To Write A Life Story

How to write a life story can present difficult answer questions, especially if you’re early in the discovery process. Choices you make on the structure of the manuscript, the story voice, and approach to information gathering can define the direction of a manuscript. Here are some things I think you

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What A Ghostwriter Should Cost In 2023

It seems like everywhere you look, prices are increasing. Whether at the grocery checkout, the fuel pump, or the upkeep of your home, the cost of things is only going up. While that reality holds true in creative services (like fiction editing and ghostwriting) there is some reason for optimism

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Screenplay Ghostwriter Services

It all starts with a great idea. For some screenplays, that comes as a memorable character. For others, it manifests as the plot. Maybe in the idea you’ve been dreaming about, it’s that fantastic world, unlike anything anyone has ever seen before that’s begging you to write it. Whatever that

fiction ghostwriters, erick mertz, portland, oregon

Fiction Ghostwriters | Your Guide To Working With One

The market for fiction is pretty hot right now. With the boundaries and stigma attached to self-publishing rapidly dissolving, every day it’s becoming easier for you to reach your audience. Yet, in spite of how open the market has become, it is also more competitive than ever. Competition in the

how to edit your novel manuscript

How To Edit Your Novel Manuscript

On the long and winding path to publication, your fiction manuscript will go through many stages. There is the idea phase, when you get to brainstorm and put the story together. Often this is followed by creating an outline. Once you’re done writing the first draft, there are a lot

how to write a memoir outline

What An Agent Does For Your Manuscript 

I sometimes hear people say that writing the book is actually the easy part. The much harder part is reaching your target audience. Getting your book into the hands of readers may be the most challenging task you ever attempt. Knowing what an agent does can help you make an

how to write a memoir outline

How To Write Memoir Outlines

Does this sound familiar? A bolt of inspiration strikes. It’s time to finally start writing your memoir. This time your life story, the book you have picked up and put down a dozen times, is going to happen. Where are you supposed to start though? You need to know how

query letters, manuscript consultation

Query Letters | Do Writers Really Need One?

Whatever you write, whether it’s memoir or fiction, you’ve probably heard that you need query letters in order to reach agents or publishers.  What exactly are query letters though? And do you really need one? Whether you’ve just started dipping your toes in the writing/publishing world, or you’ve been around

small press publishing

Small Press Publishing | What Can It Do For You?

Over this past weekend, I attended the Willamette Writers Conference. The annual gathering of writers, publishers, agents and creatives is a great time to connect and learn about the craft and business of writing books. It’s also a great time to figure out what everyone’s talking about and this year,

professional book designer

Professional Book Designer | Get A Look Inside The Cover

  Often writers come to me at the end of the writing stage of their project. They’re usually excited to take the next step, and rightfully so. They have a completed manuscript and are ready to self-publish, but most are unsure of the steps between. This is the place where

Developmental Editing Services by Erick Mertz

What are Developmental Editing Services and Why Do They Matter?

  For most aspiring authors, the journey from first to final draft can be a challenging one. The process stirs up many questions, especially for those working on their first book.  Does my book, specifically the quality of writing, measure up to a professional standard? Will this story resonate with

ghostwriter rates

Ghostwriter Rates Explained!

Most of my clients end up shopping around before hiring me. If you have read anything I’ve written about hiring a ghostwriter over the years, I recommend everyone talk to a few ghostwriters before committing to one. After all, how will you know who you resonate with until you talk

freelance developmental editor

Freelance Developmental Editor | The Questions You Should Ask

Writing an excellent book can be a challenge. One of the keys to turning an ordinary manuscript into an extraordinary book is getting help. A freelance developmental editor can elevate your manuscript, but before you hire them, you need to know what you’re looking for. The first thing you need

book layout design

Book Layout Design Matters | Reasons To Invest In A Pro

Independent publishing has opened the doors for authors in ways nobody could have imagined. A decade ago, the idea of indie author success seemed nearly impossible; even five years ago, reaching an audience seemed highly unlikely. Today self-publishing authors have firmly placed their mark on the book world, a trend

professional ghostwriting service

Professional Ghostwriting Service | Why It’s Right For You

Content is king. If you’re in business, from authors to entrepreneurs, you understand the constant need to reach an audience. How do you accomplish that? A steady stream of content. From novels to marketing scripts to screenplays, a professional ghostwriting service is a strong asset, worthy of investment.  Content is

how to write a good memoir

How To Write A Good Memoir | The Pro Tips

You’ve got life experience already. You’ve probably been toying with the idea for quite a long time. Now you have to answer the question of how to write a good memoir.  You can set out with the mission of simply writing a book. Many authors do. The authors that end

memoir writing coach

Hiring A Memoir Writing Coach

Finding the right person can be a real challenge, regardless of the job. This applies to mechanics, contractors, and a memoir writing coach. The right fit matters a lot.  I live in an old house. For the last ten years, in my basement, I’ve had an old bathroom and utility

memoir writing prompts

Memoir Writing Prompts

Are you stuck in your writing? Have you started writing your memoir but now find you aren’t exactly sure how to get the best version of your story out on the page? This is a place familiar to many writers and a reason why memoir writing prompts can be such

what to expect with editing

Editing By Erick Mertz

The journey to becoming a professional author can be an uncertain one. Getting the right words down on paper is enough of a challenge. What inevitably comes next, the editing and publishing processes, can feel, to some, insurmountable.  If you’ve come to this blog with a finished manuscript, congratulations. Now

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Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Genre Expectations

On this episode of the Writer Craft Podcast, Valerie and I talk about something every author should understand: genre expectations. Yeah, I know what they say about the secret of happiness being low expectations. Here is the pro-tip though: your readers have them.  That means you need to know what

writer craft podcast, writing community

Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Maintaining Positivity

Do you experience difficulty maintaining positivity? If you’re an author, working on a book day in and day out, keeping up your spirits can be really tough. On this week’s episode of the “Writer Craft Podcast” Valerie and I discuss how we fight the writer blues. We talk about writer

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Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Writing Dialogue

On this week’s episode of the “Writer Craft Podcast” Valerie and I discuss writing dialogue. If you’re wondering how to make the characters on the page sound like people in real life, check out this podcast.  In case you didn’t recognize that third person in the YouTube frame, it’s

A professional ghostwriting case study by Erick Mertz

Case Study: How Professional Ghostwriter Services Work!

Maybe you’re wondering how professional ghostwriter services work. I could easily answer that question with a boring explanation, but in this blog, I thought it might be more valuable to see a successful execution of the process for yourself. That’s why I’m offering you this case study. The example I’m

writer craft podcast, writing community

Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Read Like A Writer

On this week’s episode of the “Writer Craft Podcast” Valerie and I discuss why as a writer, you need to read… and, why it’s so very important to read like a writer. If you’re a new writer, you have probably been told you need to read in order to be

how to writer your memoir outline

How To Write Your Memoir Outline

Writers often sit around and debate whether it’s better to plot out a book first, or fly by the seat of your pants. The truth is, there is no one correct answer, except to say, most writers do what works for them. If you are a new memoir writer, however,

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Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Protagonist’s Needs And Wants

On this week’s episode of “Writer Craft Podcast” Valerie and I discuss your Protagonist’s Needs And Wants. How do you know even what those are? What do you do if your main character just isn’t working? If you’re hearing that your main character is flat, maybe it’s time to look

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