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There was a time when all you needed was a business card and a firm handshake and you were in the door. Ten years ago, few would have even considered hiring a business book ghostwriter.

A 2016 study shows 79.3% of Americans shop on-line, and a whopping 85% of people search on-line for services. The internet market has  become hyper-competitive. As a business owner, you need something more to reach new prospective clients. You need a book.

Most busy professionals simply do not have the time to write a book. You know your services. You’re in tune with the market.

You’re already running and maintaining a business 24/7. That is where a business book ghostwriter comes into play.

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Bigger Than A Business Card

My Dad would laugh. Back in his day you got to know your clients face to face.

The fact is that these days, you won’t meet most new clients face to face. In every big city there are networking groups and business meet-up opportunities, but the reality is that most of your new clients will come to your business via an on-line channel.

Sorry Dad, but you need something bigger than a business card.

What Can A Business Book Ghostwriter Do?

A business book ghostwriter does professionally what you don’t have the time to. They write your book while you continue to build your business.

I provide expertise in delivering a clear and concise message that works two ways. Your book will serves as a source of valuable information for your prospective client, but also a big business card.

A business book doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. I can work with your existing text. We can use blog posts, site content, or marketing materials, to craft a high quality book that fits any company budget.

In addition to providing top notch ghostwriting and editing for your book, I am also a highly skilled book designer. I am a one-stop shop for a business book that will work to build your client base.

Does this look like the kind of book you’d like to hand over to your clients? If so, let’s talk.

Think a business book ghostwriter could help increase your business’ exposure?

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