Ghostwriter Services For Memoir

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ghostwriter services for memoir, erick mertz, portland oregonThe market for ghostwriter services for memoir is exploding in a big way. And why not? Recent studies of book-buying behavior have shown time and again that reader interest skews toward memoir. They prefer personal, real-life accounts over fiction by a significant margin.

Most of the top-grossing memoirs got to …

Erick MertzGhostwriter Services For Memoir

What Ghostwriter Services Cost

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what ghostwriter services cost, erick mertz, portland oregonWhat ghostwriter services cost? That really is one of the most important questions when it comes to hiring the best professional for your project. On the surface, most of our purchase decisions come down to a matter of money.

We compare costs and choose accordingly. But should cost really be …

Erick MertzWhat Ghostwriter Services Cost

How To Hire Ghostwriter Services – The Eight Questions You Must Ask

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You’ve done the hard part already. You have a story to tell made the decision that it’s time to write it. You’ve reached out. You’ve asked Google how to hire ghostwriter services.

You’ve made it this far, what do you do next?

Hiring the right ghostwriter for your writing job

Erick MertzHow To Hire Ghostwriter Services – The Eight Questions You Must Ask

Screenplay Ghostwriter Services

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screenplay ghostwriter services, erick mertz, portland oregon

Screenplay ghostwriter services are an effective way to ensure your story is written to the highest professional standard. Successfully delivering your project to the competitive film and television markets takes a lot of luck… but it takes a lot more in the way of know-how.

A lot of writers come …

Erick MertzScreenplay Ghostwriter Services