Do You Enjoy Being A Ghostwriter?

People ask me that question all of the time. The answer is quite simple: yes, I do.

Over the years, I have ghostwritten fiction, non-fiction, business books and feature length screenplays for a variety of wonderful clients. Prominent political figures. Celebrities. Veterans of foreign wars. Survivors of daring escapes and breathtaking ordeals.

I have made a niche helping seemingly ordinary people tell extraordinary stories.

What Can A Ghostwriter Do?

If my time as a ghostwriter has taught me anything, it is that someone in my shoes needs to have a diverse set of life experiences to draw upon.

Before going to work as a professional writer, I spent fifteen years in social work as a case manager, and before that in involuntary commitment services. I saw a lot of what life was about before sitting down to write about it.

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in English and History.  Later, I took advanced screenwriting classes from Oregon State University and UCLA.

Ghostwriter Experience

I am a widely published feature journalist and music reviewer with recent non-fiction/essay pieces published by Nestucca Spit Press and Oregon Coast Magazine among others, 1859 Magazine, and Aviation History Magazine.

My short fiction has been published in Gold Man Review, The Bethany Reader and Terminal Earth Anthology.  In this coming year, I have a novel The Strange Air due for release.

My screenplays have been recognized by some of the biggest contests and organizations in the business, from Austin Film Festival to The Story Pros to The Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting.

Currently, I am completing my debut fiction novel The Strange Air for publication in Spring 2019, with a prequel novella, The Mask Of Tomorrow coming out Fall of 2018. You can read about those projects at

In addition, I’m a husband and the father to a little boy. While writing is my business and my passion, it’s important to remember what it’s all about.

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