The Family Story Ghostwriter Solution

erick-mertz-ghostwriter-ghostwriting-family-storyThere is nothing more tragic than a family that has lost connection to its story. So many of our families are filled with unique anecdotes, connections to history and accomplishments and it can be very difficult to recognize when one of the key components disappears.

Among my favorite projects is working as a family story ghostwriter. I recognize there is a great value in this service which allows a family the opportunity to hold onto fleeting chapters of their past, but it also serves as a genuine opportunity to meet great people. Considering how valuable family stories are to children, I especially enjoy working where kids are involved, assuring that narrative is passed down.

I ghostwrite high quality family narratives. Without concern about publishing parameters, your family story document can be as long (or as short) as you wish.

Why Hire A Ghostwriter For Family Stories?

erick-mertz-ghostwriting-family-story-ghostwriterEvery family has someone that fits the role of “storyteller”. This is the person who knows all of the connections and can clearly articulate them.

Even if you haven’t recognized who it is in your family already, look around, they’re there.

A family storyteller cannot be expected to tell their family’s story objectively though. They are an active member of the family, after all, and if I have learned anything over these years, it’s that people tend to be pretty emotional when it comes to their family.

Hiring a family story ghostwriter allows all members to recollect clearly and speak openly. It frees everyone to recall and relay their part of the story, rather than have to work as a recorder.

That’s my job. As your family story ghostwriter, I can listen and ask questions in a role free from personal attachment. Because I’m not actually contributing a part, I can act as a thorough and impartial recorder.

Do you have an aging family member whose story needs telling? Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to give a loved one?

Get in touch with me today to discuss family story ghostwriting. You simply cannot afford to wait.

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