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fiction ghostwriter, erick mertz, portland oregonThe market for fiction is hot right now — if you play it right, that is. Because of sales platforms like Amazon, your story has unlimited potential to reach a wider audience than ever before. A long time ago there were countless gatekeepers, think of agents and publishers, and distributors. Those days are gone though. Hiring a fiction ghostwriter is a great way to get your book onto the market.

The market for books has broken out and gone global. Not only does Amazon allow authors to reach further than ever, it opens up never before dreamed of niches. In the old model, you had to write books that fit the general market.

That made the book market rather drab. Call it vanilla.

That is no longer the case. Fiction is anything but drab. Your book can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever your genre, whatever your particular niche, you can reach an audience that is waiting for your book.

It’s All About Efficiency

Sure, I love my local bookstore. I make it a point to visit Powell’s quite often, wandering the aisles, looking at the books. 

As much as I love my local bookstore though, the whole arrangement is a bit of a dinosaur right? There is definitely a place for the classic bookstore in our community, don’t get me wrong, but the way books were sold was wildly inefficient.

Think about it. If you published a book, and you managed to get it into bookstores, you had to hope that that market was right for your writing. You had a slender portion of the shelf in your genre and most bookstores featured limited genres, right? Mystery, science-fiction, fantasy, literature… 

How was that supposed to work? Any mystery reader can tell you that there is a wide difference between cozies and say, Stephen King. 

Your book was like a needle trying to get found in a haystack.

It’s not like that anymore. Yes, Amazon is overwhelming and the number of books published every day is enormous (and growing rapidly) but it is also built around efficiency. If you write cozy mysteries, you can market your books to readers of cozy mysteries. 

Fighting for shelf space with Stephen King? You don’t have to. Instead, you establish your own page, your own brand, grouping all of your books together.

This also makes book marketing easier than ever before. Instead of putting out blanket advertisements to mystery fans, authors can target. With levels of marketing precision unseen until now, you can target your readers.

There Has Never Been A Better Time

Every day I look at the fiction market and I say to myself, there has never been a better time to write fiction than right now. Never before told stories are coming out. Those stories are reaching their audience and new authors are finding viable careers.

This is happening every single day. I wish I had gotten into it earlier.

The market for fiction is there. The best part of that reality is that authors have control.

I’m not saying that the fiction market is a bubble that is about to burst. I don’t think the genie is going back into the bottle, as they say. Odds are, if we revisit this topic in a year or three, I’ll have the similar things to say.

What I am saying though is this. With your audience so close at hand, why not start writing that book today?

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Free “How To Hire A Ghostwriter” eBook

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I so adamantly believe that knowing how to conduct a ghostwriting interview is a bedrock of success that I wrote a book about it.

While this book doesn’t necessarily cover how fiction ghostwriter services as this particular blog does, it does serve as an ideal primer for developing a professional mentality to bring to your writing.

If you would like a complimentary copy of How To Hire A Ghostwriter: Your Guide To Finding The Best Pro For Your Project all you have to do is click and download.

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How Do I Contact You As A Fiction Ghostwriter?

how to publish a book on amazon, book publishing consultant, erick mertz, portland oregon

If you are serious about hiring a fiction editor or having your book, screenplay or non-fiction story professionally written by a ghostwriter, or you need self-publishing help, please contact me via email, or call.

Every new contact receives a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation.

Additionally, I offer all independent and self-publishing authors a 10% discount on my already affordable services.

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