Fiction Ghostwriters | Your Guide To Working With One

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fiction ghostwriters, erick mertz, portland, oregonThe market for fiction is pretty hot right now. With the boundaries and stigma attached to self-publishing rapidly dissolving, every day it’s becoming easier for you to reach your audience. Yet, in spite of how open the market has become, it is also more competitive than ever.

Competition in the fiction market translates to one reality – anyone can get their book out to readers. When you do, be ready. You’ll be up against some fantastic writers. 

That’s right. Self-published authors aren’t just out there competing with each other for reader attention – they’re competing with all the household fiction writers you’ve grown to recognize. Stephen King. J.K. Rowling. J.R.R. Tolkein.

That understanding makes working skilled fiction ghostwriters a logical step for some.

I’m a fiction author. I have been successfully self-publishing a paranormal mystery series for five years. That alone has been quite the adventure. I’ve been ghostwriting books for an even longer time though. I’ve learned something from all of that experience. Every project is a little different, whether it’s creating an outline for a client, finding the character’s voice, whatever. 

Experienced fiction ghostwriters offer an invaluable service to authors entering the market with all experience levels. I can help you transform your concept into a high level outline from which you can write a novel. If you’ve already got that outline but are struggling to get started, I can write the book. Maybe you’re working on an idea but you need to flesh it out? I can be of assistance there, too.

Whatever your genre, working with fiction ghostwriters can help you make sure that your book idea meets the standards of readers. Because those readers are what matter.   

Hiring Fiction Ghostwriters | The Process

When it comes to hiring a professional ghostwriter, everyone has a different process. Some clients make their decision based solely on the phone rapport, while others want prior client referrals or samples before getting started. There must be a different style for every different client. 

The key for you to understand is that when it comes to the process of hiring fiction ghostwriters, there is no right way to go. And there is no wrong way either. Your comfort is what matters. If you don’t feel comfortable interviewing the person, you’re not likely to feel good talking about story with them. 

I wrote a book about how to hire a ghostwriter. Check it out.

My reason for writing this book came down to one desire. I wanted to give prospective clients a blueprint for how to interview me. Why? Because in this field, as every other, information is power. If you’re going to get that information, you need to ask the right questions. 

Clients who read this book – or at least get a look at it – understand what to expect going in. They ask questions that help inform their process. What could be more valuable than that? 

erick mertz, fiction ghostwritersFiction Ghostwriters | How To Work With One

Something I like to communicate early on in the ghostwriting process is this – I know how to write books in global terms. Your book is new to me though. I want my clients to understand that although I have book writing expertise, every experience is different. 

Your book is where you’re the expert.

Because you are likely trying to reach those much desired readers, you probably need help (that’s why you started looking at fiction ghostwriters in the first place). While we are working on your story, there may come a time when we need to chart a new course on character or story.

Does the story fall flat in places? Are the characters lacking in credibility? These are areas we work together to formulate the right path forward. 

Bottom line is that working with fiction ghostwriters should be as collaborative as possible. The process, when it works well, feels like a free-flowing exchange of ideas. If you have an idea for a new character or exciting new scene, bring that to the table. Good fiction ghostwriters will incorporate those ideas into a cohesive, well-structured story. 

It is inevitable, but sometimes, a story element simply does not work. Maybe that new character or exciting scene just doesn’t fit with the overall scope of the novel. These can be challenging moments, trying to find the best path forward, but a collaborative ghostwriter/client relationship makes decisions based on writing the best book possible. 

What To Do With Your Fiction Manuscript

First off, if you’ve finished writing a fiction manuscript, congratulations are in order. A high quality completed manuscript opens a lot of doors in the publishing world. 

The first decision you will need to make is about how you are going to reach your audience. Will you travel down the traditional publishing route, seeking an agent, editor and publisher? 

Or will you consider joining the self-publishing revolution?

There are a few key advantages (and disadvantages) to each route, too many to list off and discuss at the end of this article. The most important thing for you to understand is this: once the manuscript is done, the doors are open. You have choices.  


I hope this blog addressed some of your questions about how working with fiction ghostwriters. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. 

Your guide to writing a memoirHave you always wanted to write your life story? Do you ever sit down to write but find you get lost? Do you struggle to get the story down the right way?

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I believe every one of us has a book in us. If you’re trying to write a memoir, or considering it, now is a great time (actually, it may be the best time). I have written a book, Memoir Writing: The Nine Things You Need To Know to help you get off the ground. 

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Contact Me For A Service Quote

erick mertz, ghostwriting services, screenplay ghostwritersIf you are serious about hiring a professional ghostwriter for your book, screenplay, or non-fiction story, or you need help with editing or self-publishing your manuscript, please contact me via email, or call.

Every new contact receives a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation.

Additionally, I offer all independent and self-publishing authors a 10% discount on my already affordable services.

Erick MertzFiction Ghostwriters | Your Guide To Working With One

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