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Every writer knows the feeling. You have the idea nailed just right. Maybe you have gotten as far as getting a decent first draft together. Something about the manuscript just isn’t right though. If you ever encounter this feeling, it isn’t time to toss it out. What you need to do is hire fiction manuscript editing service for your book or novel.

Writing is tough. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Even the best professional writers face the lonesome stare back from the blank page.

A lot of trial and error and good work need to come together to get a book project right. Sometimes a person simply cannot get there on their own.

That is the time when fiction manuscript editing is invaluable.

What Is Fiction Manuscript Editing?

An editor can offer a lot more to your manuscript than proper grammar. Too often though, writers believe that editing comes down to sorting out the comma splices and verb confusion.

Let me be the first to say, a professional editor can be so much more.

There are actually many different degrees of editing depending on where your manuscript is at the current time. In a nutshell though, a professional editor can work with you on your core story.

Are my characters right? Does my story create enough tension?

With a fiction manuscript editor in your corner, you can get solid, professional feedback on those challenging questions. The right characters and a strong story are what sells your book.

Think of a book series like Harry Potter or the Outlander. These expansive storylines are just two of many perfect examples of the harmonious marriage between character and story.

Another benefit fiction manuscript editing can offer you is continuity. Working on book two in a series and don’t know if your manuscript follows through on the promise of your breathtaking debut? Maybe you know you’ve shorted the story somewhere but cannot quite tell. When a creative talks about being “too close” this is what they’re talking about.

It’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

A fiction editor is a professional. They can offer you feedback that your friends and family, or even your beta readers cannot. While there is a time and place to bring them into the picture, the editing phase is not it.

Who Uses Fiction Manuscript Editing?

All writers do. That’s the easiest way to answer that question.

When I am working on my own fiction, I consult with an editor. She has read everything in my series and knows my characters well.

While I am very confident in the elements of my story, as well as the characters that populate that imaginary world, she gives me objective feedback I simply cannot get anywhere else.

She sees things in my manuscript that I cannot.

Working with a fiction editor is not an admission of defeat. No. I think of it as quite the opposite realization. Fiction manuscript editing is an embrace of a few simple realities: Writing is hard. Story is a challenge.

Finding the right help with that process is a critical step.

Do you need fiction manuscript editing?

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