Fiction Manuscript Editing

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I understand how anxiety comes into play. Searching for a service like fiction manuscript editing sounds like you’re inviting unwelcome ridicule to the party.

I am here to say, that simply does not need to be true. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say this:

I don’t even an own a red pen… or a red pencil. Come on over and search my desk drawers!

The nightmare of receiving your manuscript back from an editor, slashed back and forth with copious amounts of red ink won’t happen while working with me. Working with me on your book manuscript means going beyond the red pen.

Fiction Manuscript Editing

What Goes Into Good Fiction Manuscript Editing?

The most honest way to answer that is to say that care is the most crucial aspect of fiction manuscript editing. Every manuscript that arrives on my desk is at a different place in its development.

Some need to be pruned. Some watered. Others need to be transplanted…

Let’s get away from the gardening metaphor for just a moment. Whether your manuscript is a work of fiction, memoir or non-fiction, editing isn’t just the process of honestly addressing the book. Editing is also about addressing the author where they are as well. Every manuscript is different, and every writer, whether they’re on their first, fifth or fiftieth manuscript, can run into tough story problems.

If that sounds like you, you probably need some help.

What Is The Process?

Every client I meet receives a free 30-minute consultation. I believe that everyone should understand the scope of work before the work begins.

What happens during that consultation? We will talk about where you think the book is, where you want it to go, and what you believe the obstacles to getting there are.

Here is the double benefit to you.

As a personal policy, I offer all of my clients a free sample edit after receiving the manuscript. Why? Well, I have found that often people believe they need one thing when they really need another.

Is All Fiction Manuscript Editing The Same?


There are many types of editing, each one a specific to a different stage in a manuscript’s development. So many times, a client will ask for proofreading when they really need development.

Fiction Manuscript Editing has fast turn around time

Once I have completed your free sample edit, we will meet briefly to redefine the total scope of work.I have found that a great many manuscripts require less work than initially discussed.

Why do all this? Selling you an editing product that you don’t need doesn’t do either of us any good. Writing is hard and I want you back on the next book.

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Think you might need fiction manuscript editing?

Get in touch with me today to discuss your book project. You simply cannot afford to wait.

Every caller or email contact receives a free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your options for improving their fiction, memoir or screenwriting manuscript.

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