Ghostwriter Services For Memoir

Apr 13, 2020 | Ghostwriting, Memoirs

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

The market for ghostwriter services for memoir is exploding in a big way. And why not? Recent studies of book-buying behavior have shown time and again that reader interest skews toward memoir. They prefer personal, real-life accounts over fiction by a significant margin.

Most of the top-grossing memoirs got to the top of the bestseller list with some assistance from a ghostwriter. Almost every memoir you find on the top of the New York Times or Amazon best-seller list was written, at least in part, by a ghostwriter.   

Here are four critical reasons why you should consider hiring ghostwriter services for memoir to help with your upcoming project.

Ghostwriter Services Offer Objectivity

The success of a memoir requires a sense of balance. First and foremost, the book needs to be a personal and honest account of the subject’s life. But it also must show a measure of objectivity as well. What is the most difficult thing for anyone of us to be objective about? 


The best ghostwriters on the market are well-versed in how to maintain an objective eye when it comes to telling a person’s story. A clear and honest eye is a critical ghostwriting skill because a memoir is so very personal to the client.

Too personal can turn some readers off. Not personal enough? They’ll put the book down.

Depth Comes From A Professional Touch

I love the process of interviewing my clients. I can safely say that it is among my favorite tasks as a ghostwriter and among my favorite responses from my clients (one I get fairly often too) is: “Wow, I never thought of it that way.”

This response speaks to what I have come to see as an almost universal truth. We become so honed in with tunnel vision that our perspective on personal experiences dangerously narrows. Out of narrow, we tend to neglect detail.

Consequently, we leave out areas of a story that might seem insignificant.

Bringing a ghostwriter on is a way to make sure you are digging for that deeper story. A ghostwriter can help you get beyond those first superficial impressions, down to the core of what your story is about.

Ghostwriter Services For Memoir Means Freedom

Another thing that I hear from my clients is how the process of trying to figure out how to tell the story they have lived (or are currently living) can be nearly suffocating. The best memoirs tackle tough social issues and to write one and a storyteller has to attain a position of distance.

A ghostwriter allows the storyteller and story subject to do just that. The client is able to sit down, relax and simple tell the story as it happened. Don’t worry about how it’s going to come through on the page because that is the ghostwriter’s job.

That freedom to simply tell makes a big difference in the story’s breadth and overall quality.

Polished Manuscripts Sell Better

Maybe the most crucial reason is the one I saved for last: polish. Another truth that I believe to be universal? There are storytellers and there are writers. Rarely do those roles reside in the same person.

A ghostwritten memoir delivers an element of narrative polish. That professional touch is so crucial to success in what is a very competitive market place. If you want to ensure that your memoir reaches its full prospective audience, acclaim from early readers on Goodreads and Amazon is vital.

Don’t go out onto the market, whether that be self-published or traditional, with a book that really is not ready. Too many authors do and it shows. A ghostwriter can help give your memoir that professional shine and that may be the difference between ten sales and ten thousand.