Ghostwriter Services: Are They Right For Me?

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What falls under the definition of ghostwriter services is often very broad. Even in my professional life, many people that I talk to don’t really understand what it is that a ghostwriter does though. When I tell them what I do, they look at me funny and scratch their heads trying to make sense of it.

It is as though the whole profession is shrouded in mystery. Maybe it is the use of the word “ghost” that lends it a mysterious quality.

Let me lift the veil on some of that mystery right now. A ghostwriter is essentially a professional writer who provides high-quality content without receiving credit for the work.

It is as simple as that.

That means, if you have a need for professional writing then a ghostwriter can be of help to you.

Why Hire For Ghostwriter Services?

This is an excellent question and one that is usually followed up with a passionate response. Quite often I hear people ask, well why don’t people just write the book for themselves?

It’s easy, right? There is no trick to it. Sit down and write the book. Well, let me try and answer that very good question with another question.

If all of a sudden your plumbing strikes a leak tonight, would you repair it yourself? Or would you call the first plumber who can get to the scene?

The answer to this question is obvious, right?

Sure, you probably have a wrench and some other tools out in the garage. You know where the water is coming out from because you’re standing ankle-deep and rising in it.

Are you really going to get down and try and figure it out?

Most people call a professional when they need professional work done. Now, I am well aware that writing a book is not as urgent, or acutely problematic as the leaky sink but the logic remains the same. You can flail around with the tools you have until you eventually get it right, or you can call someone and get it right the first time.

erick mertz, ghostwriter services, portland oregon

If you have ever thought about writing a book, whether that be a memoir, fiction novel, screenplay or business book, you have probably given it a go. Maybe you have sketched some notes. You’ve written some ideas.

Heck, you may have even written a few thousand words.

If you have gotten that far, congratulations to you. That is a commendable amount of work. You probably now understand just how difficult high-quality writing is to achieve. They say everyone wants to write a book. But if it was easy then everyone would have done so already.

If your goal is to achieve a high-quality product that gets results. Hiring someone like me for ghostwriter services may be the right move.

What Specific Services Does A Ghostwriter Provide?

Over the course of my career, I have worked on numerous projects, across a very broad range of genres.

I work on screenplay projects. Professionally written screenplays include everything from feature-length scripts for a theatrical movie, teleplays or television scripts for episodic television, or short scripts for the kinds of short-form films that make the rounds at festivals.

Right now screenplays are very hot properties. With the explosion of video on demand (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) over the last few years, small and independent writers have an alternative to Hollywood. Each of these formats can be a viable means of reaching into those respective markets.

Another place I provide ghostwriting services is on fiction projects. Just like we discussed with regards to screenplays, a large number of genres and final products fit under the category.

Amazon is driving the book writing market right now and they show no signs of slowing their spread to world domination. While that trend has been disquieting for some, it is an absolute boom to writers looking to build their audience through short stories and collections, short novels and full-length novels in three-book series.

One of my favorite spaces to work is with memoirs. This is where a client and I work together to tell their story. About who they are and what they’ve experienced in their lives.

Memoirs are more broadly defined now, too. Again, on the strength of Amazon, writers are afforded more publishing opportunities that would not have seemed possible even five years ago.

Business books are hotter than ever. It seems that every website you click on offers you a free book about something or another you might need (when you get to the bottom of this article I’m going to offer you one, too).

From a business branding perspective, these books are a stroke if genius. Everyone is looking for an edge and they can often get that by offering value to their clients. These books have become so prominent that some people I talk to expect to be offered something free before hiring someone.

What Do Ghostwriter Services Look Like?

By now you know I’m into plainspoken answers. Ghostwriter services can take whatever shape the client imagines.

Throughout my career, I have worked with a variety of clients, people from all over the globe. I have worked on every kind of project imaginable, everything from novels to short films, business books to television series.

What those services end up looking like though comes down to the relationship between the client and ghostwriter. When I start working with someone new, I don’t go into the project with an idea of taking over.

Instead, I come in as their professional collaborator.

All ghostwriters are different. I have worked with many.

By the same token, though, all clients are different too. That is why I don’t offer and one-sized solution on how to go about writing a book.

What does a good working relationship look like to you?

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How To Hire A Ghostwriter: Free eBook

ghostwriter services, erick mertz, portland oregon

I so adamantly believe that knowing how to conduct a ghostwriting interview is a bedrock of success that I wrote a book about it.

In this easy to read ebook guide, you will find answers to the eight most important questions you need to ask when interviewing a ghostwriter.

There is all of that and a whole lot more.

If you would like a complimentary copy of How To Hire A Ghostwriter: Your Guide To Finding The Best Pro For Your Project all you have to do is click and download.

If you have read this book, like it, and found it helpful, please share it with some of your fellow writers and take a moment to review it either on GoodReads or Amazon.

How Do I Contact You?

erick mertz, ghostwriter services

If you are serious about hiring a high-quality fiction editor or having your book, screenplay or non-fiction story professionally written by a ghostwriter, or you need self-publishing help, please contact me via email, or call.

I offer every new contact a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation. Take me up on it. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Erick MertzGhostwriter Services: Are They Right For Me?

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