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What Are Ghostwriter Services?

Do you have a book or a story that you want to see written? If your answer to that question is “yes” then hiring for ghostwriter services are the right decision for you.

Many people I talk to don’t really understand the type of work a ghostwriter does. When I tell my friends and colleagues what I do, they look at me funny and scratch their heads trying to make sense of it. It seems as though the whole profession is shrouded in mystery.

Maybe it is the use of the word “ghost” that lends it a mysterious quality.

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who provides high-quality content without receiving credit for the work. It is as simple as that. I’ve provided a list of potential projects that fall into ghostwriter services.

Core Ghostwriter Services Include

*Story development
*Manuscript outlining
*Screenplay ghostwriting
*Adaptation of fiction to a screenplay (and vice versa)
*Ghostwriting fiction
*Non-Fiction manuscripts, including memoir, family story, and business books

Have you already started but are unsure where to go next?

*Self-publishing of family and business books
*Development and content editing
*Manuscript consultation
*Book proposals
*Query letters
*Author platform

That list is pretty broad. This means, if you have a need for professional writing then a ghostwriter can be of help to you.

erick mertz, ghostwriter services, portland oregonWhy Hire For Ghostwriter Services?

Quite often I hear people ask, why don’t people just write the book for themselves? The process is pretty easy, right? There is no magic trick involved. A person simply sits down at their desk and starts writing.

You’ve heard it said that writing is hard. I like to say that writing is easy. Writing well is difficult. 

People call on a professional when they need professional work done. If you have ever considered writing a book, whether that be a memoir, fiction novel, screenplay, or business book, you have probably given it a go. Maybe you have sketched some notes. You’ve written some ideas.

Heck, you may have even written a few thousand words.

If you have gotten that far, congratulations. That is a commendable amount of work. You probably now understand just how difficult high-quality writing is to achieve. They say everyone wants to write a book. But if it was easy then everyone would have done so already.

If your goal is to achieve a high-quality product that gets results then hiring someone like me for ghostwriter services is the right move.

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What Specific Services Does A Ghostwriter Provide?

Over the course of my twenty-year ghostwriting career, I have worked on numerous projects. Those projects have spanned a broad range of genres. I gave you the list before. Here are what those ghostwriter services look like in detail.

Screenplay Projects:

I work on a variety of screenplay projects. This service covers everything from feature-length scripts for theatrical or streaming releases, teleplays or television scripts for episodic television, or short scripts for the kinds of films that make the rounds at festivals.

Screenplays are hot properties. With the explosion of video on demand (think of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) over the last few years, small and independent writers have an alternative to Hollywood.

Each of these formats can be a viable means of reaching into those respective markets.

Fiction Books:

Another place I provide high-quality ghostwriting services is on fiction projects. Currently, Amazon is driving the book writing market and they show no signs of slowing their spread to world domination.

While that trend may seem disquieting for some, it has been an absolute boom to writers looking to build their audience through short stories and collections, short novels and full-length novels in three-book series.

Memoir Projects:

One of my favorite spaces to work is with personal stories and memoirs. This is where a client and I work together to tell their life story. We create a compelling narrative about who they are and what they have experienced in their lives.

Memoirs have become more broadly defined now, too. Again, on the strength of Amazon’s share of the market, writers are afforded more publishing opportunities that would not have seemed possible even five years ago.

Business Books:

Business books are hotter than ever. It seems that every website you click on offers you a free book about something or another you might need (when you get to the bottom of this article I’m going to offer you one, too).

From a branding perspective, business books are a stroke if genius. Everyone is looking for that elusive edge. They can often get that by offering value to their clients. These books have become so prominent that some people I talk to expect to be offered something free before hiring someone.

Book Marketing Services:

Once a book has been finished, its journey to publication is not finished. 

Placing a book with a viable publisher, whether the goal is a traditional publisher or self-publishing, requires additional steps. If you need developmental editing, book layout and design, or help with optimizing your Amazon page, I provide high-quality services in these areas with real results.

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What Do Ghostwriter Services Look Like?

Ghostwriter services can take whatever shape the client imagines. Throughout my long career, I have worked with a variety of clients, people from all over the globe. I have worked on every kind of project imaginable, everything from novels to short films, business books to television series.

What those services end up looking like comes down to the relationship established between the client and ghostwriter. When I start working with someone new, I don’t go into the project with an idea of taking over.

Instead, I come in as their professional collaborator.

All ghostwriters are different. I have worked with many. That is why I don’t offer and one-sized solution on how to go about writing a book.

What does a good working relationship look like to you?

I hope this addressed your interest in ghostwriter services. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. 


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How Do I Contact You?

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Every new contact receives a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation.

Additionally, I offer all independent and self-publishing authors a 10% discount on my already affordable services.

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