What Goes Into Hiring Screenplay Ghostwriters

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It seems that everyone has a movie idea rolling around in their head these days. We naturally think in pictures and images, and because of those reasons, movies and television have become an integral way of communicating ideas. Screenplay ghostwriters are an effective way to get that story idea out of your head and onto the page.

Once that story idea is on the page, the sky is the limit.

In many ways, the market for scripted content is as vibrant as ever. Success on that market though depends on understanding a few core truths.

Here are six things that you should be aware of before hiring screenplay ghostwriters for your project.

There Are More Diverse Markets Than Ever

Remember when thirty-six cable channels and the shelves of your local video store was the video menu? If you were around twenty-five years ago, you probably remember a streamlined media landscape that was relatively simple to sort out.

Today it is impossible to come up with an accurate estimate of how many channels there are available for media consumers to choose from. There are likely as many viable streaming services today as there were channels twenty-five years ago. It’s hard to keep up.

What all of those added avenues really add up to for writers is a an increasing number of opportunities for your product to find its audience. A staggering increase in variety for the consumers translates on the other end to an increasing number of content creators.

Someone has to write all that programming. Why not consider hiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay and take advantage of a booming market?

Screenplays Are Their Own Language

A screenplay is a very specific document. Think of it as a working blueprint for future movie production.

It helps to simplify things. Your screenplay has only one objective: to impress readers that the story would make a good movie, whether that is a producer, agent, financier or screenplay contest judge. How do you impress those readers? Having a strong story is the first most important factor, but in order to really impress those readers, what we like to call gatekeepers, you need to write in their language.

Screenplay ghostwriters know the format like the back of their hand. It’s in our blood. Don’t take chances on sloppy formatting. There is no surer way to get the dreaded REJECTED stamp than to hand in an unprofessional draft.

The Spec Market Is Not Dead — It’s Just Different

For a while back in the 1990’s screenplay writers could name their price for a spec project. People in the movie industry still enjoy talking and writing about the good old days of wild million-dollar auctions.

I’m sorry to report but that isn’t the case anymore. A smaller number of screenwriters are selling their work for selling for six and seven figures. But that doesn’t mean the market is dead, no. A growing number of producers and screenwriters are selling their work at a pretty decent price.

Remember the part about the increase in the number of markets? All of those channels need content.

When you’re discussing a budget for ghostwriting a screenplay, be sure that you do so with an eye on what is realistic to recoup on the end sale. Screenwriting is a business. Screenplay ghostwriters should be able to advise on how the story you’re writing together fits into the market.

It’s About Who You Know

When you’re choosing which ghostwriting professional is right for your screenplay project, be sure to find out a little about them. You should ask what they’ve written, but you also need to ask them who they know.

Why? Because who they know matters. It really matters.

The film business works on a person to person basis. People who have good relationships with people in the business get work often get their screenplays purchased, optioned and made. That is why the old myth about going to Los Angeles used to be so prevalent. You wanted to be there.

While that isn’t necessarily the truth anymore (after all, I can take a Skype or Google Hangout meeting in my pajamas and sometimes do) connections matter. People want to work with people they know and trust already.

Whether through a screenwriting conference, local community or by an on-line community, your ghostwriter should know someone above the line.

Screenplay Ghostwriters Help You Think Bigger & Broader

screenplay ghostwriters, erick mertz, portland oregonThe American screenplay and television market is vibrant. So are other smaller markets across the globe. Your ghostwriter should be aware of how the film business works because that knowledge will help you fit your screenplay into that dizzying puzzle.

Most films find their funding in a variety of forms. Entertainment finance is a global business and the bigger your concept and broader your scope, the more likely your project will be to find investors. Writing screenplays with a broad and global appeal is perhaps more important now than ever. Does your goal include an international audience?

Tell your ghostwriter to be sure elements that will enable reaching that audience are alive and well within your grasp.

Screenplay Ghostwriters For Novel Adaptation Are Especially Important

More and more, successful film and film franchises find their start in the world of fiction. It makes sense if you think about it, right? A book that reaches millions and has a lasting effect on an audience stands a much better chance of winning audiences.

Producers are looking for what is known as established “intellectual property”. What that term means is existing books and stories that have already been published and bring large, proven fan favorites.

For all of the reasons above, if you have a successful novel or novel series, whether self-published or traditional, and you’re thinking of adapting it for the screen, now is really the time to explore the option. Independent authors should always be on the hunt for new revenue streams, and a screenplay option or sale is a great way to build on your book’s success.

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Erick MertzWhat Goes Into Hiring Screenplay Ghostwriters

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