Screenplay Ghostwriters | The Five Things You Need To Know

Nov 17, 2023 | Ghostwriting, Screenplays and Screenwriting, Tips and How To

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Almost everyone has a movie or television series idea rolling around in their head. As a professional screenwriter with over twenty years of award-winning screenwriting experience, I can tell you screenplay ghostwriters are an effective way to get that story idea onto the page.

The market for original, scripted content is as vibrant as ever. Success often depends on understanding a few core truths.

Here are five things that you should be aware of before hiring a screenplay ghostwriter for your project. Once that story idea is on the page, the sky is the limit with where you can take the project.

Your Chance Of Selling A Script Now Is Great

Remember when thirty-six channels on cable television and the shelf of your local video store were your viewing options? Today it is impossible to estimate an accurate number of channels available for consumers.

There are so many, it’s hard to keep up.

What that increase in the number of avenues adds up to for writers is a skyrocketing number of opportunities for your product to find an audience. This staggering increase in variety for consumers translates on the other end to an increasing number of venues for content creators to reach their audiences.

Why is that true?

Someone has to write all that programming. Why not consider hiring a ghostwriter for your screenplay to take advantage of a booming market?

Screenplays Are Their Own Language

A screenplay is a specific type of writing. I tell my clients to think of it as the working blueprint for movie.

Your screenplay has only one objective: impress readers with the idea that the story would make a good movie, whether that is a producer, agent, or screenplay contest judge.

How do you impress those readers? Writing a strong story is the first most important factor, but in order to really impress those readers, you need to write in their language.

Screenplay ghostwriters know the format. It’s in our blood. There is no surer way to get the dreaded REJECTED stamp than to hand in an unprofessional draft with sloppy formatting.

Screenplay Ghostwriters Help You Think Bigger

Do you have a feature-length movie running in your head?

Or, maybe your story better told over many seasons as a smash hit television series?

Knowing the difference both in format and opportunity is really important. Your screenplay ghostwriter should be aware of how the film business works behind the scenes because that knowledge will help you fit your story idea into that bigger puzzle. 

Tell your ghostwriter your idea. Work with them on it. This way, you can be sure to reach the broadest, most profitable audience for your story.

Make sure you’re exploring all of your options.

Success Is About Who You Know

When you’re choosing which ghostwriter is right for your screenplay project, be sure to find out a little about them. You should ask what they’ve written and what genres they’re comfortable working in, but you also need to ask them who they know.

Why? Because who they know really matters.

The film business is about the person to person relationships. People who have good relationships more often than not are the ones that get their screenplays purchased, optioned, and produced into films. That is why the old myth about going to Los Angeles used to be so prevalent.

You simply had to be there.

While that isn’t the truth anymore (I can take a Skype or Google Hangout meeting in my pajamas, and sometimes do) connections make a considerable difference. Most people want to work with people they know and trust already.

Whether through a screenwriting conference, local community, or by an on-line community, your ghostwriter should know someone above the line.

Screenplay Ghostwriters For Novel Adaptations

Many successful film and film franchises find their start in the world of fiction. It makes sense if you think about it, right?

A book that has already reached millions of readers stands a much better chance of winning over a bigger movie audience.

Movie and television producers are looking for what is known in the business as established “intellectual property”. That term refers to existing books and stories that have been already published. These successfully published stories bring large, built-in fan bases.

If you have a successful novel or novel series, whether self-published or traditional, and you’re thinking of adapting it for the screen, now is the time to explore the option. Authors should always be on the hunt for new revenue streams, and a screenplay option or sale is a great way to build on your book’s success.

I hope this addressed some of your interest in screenplay ghostwriters. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.