Case Study: How Professional Ghostwriter Services Work!

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Maybe you’re wondering how professional ghostwriter services work.

I could easily answer that question with a boring explanation, but in this blog, I thought it might be more valuable to see a successful execution of the process for yourself.

That’s why I’m offering you this case study.

A professional ghostwriting case study by Erick Mertz

The example I’m about to give in this successful case study involves a recent screenplay client. This is one of many examples of happy clients though, including those contracting for memoir, fiction and non-fiction.

I met this client through my website. An inquiry through a blog like the one you’re reading now is where I meet most of the people I end up working with. 

The client had a recently finished novel. His book, a swashbuckling historical science fiction story, had gained considerable traction on Amazon. Through the process of writing and publishing he had heard from a few friends and readers that his story would make a great movie.

He was also selling enough books to feel that wasn’t just hot air. 

The client and I talked over the phone. We hit it off and knew right away we would be a fit to work together.

Getting Off On The Right Foot

professional ghostwriter servicesThe client knew what he wanted. From the beginning he felt very comfortable directing me. He understood the basics, that a screenplay was the path to getting a feature film made, but he also had much more.

This client understood his genre. He was a great lover of movies. He knew he wanted a science-fiction screenplay with a positive message full of action and adventure. Something that felt like “Indiana Jones” or “Goonies”. Early on when we were talking about his story, I could see the scenes come to life because his references worked well. 

That is the basis of strong creative communication. We were speaking the same language.

When client and ghostwriter speak the same language, they can accomplish great things together. In the end, this client and I came together to make that happen. 

Strong Communication

Strong communication in business means a lot of things.

What it meant to this client and I was a constant free-flowing dialog about desires and expectations. We talked openly about what worked, and, more importantly, what did not.

Writing a screenplay takes a long time (although considerably shorter than something like a novel or memoir). The client and I spent those months in regular communication about the project. He shared with me his writing successes, including publishing the book’s sequel, and his excitement about the project.

That excitement fed my process. I felt, at all times, like I was a part of something. 

When the first screenplay draft was completed, the client was clear about what did not work. I tell every client in advance that they should feel comfortable sending things back to me that are not right.

I’m a professional screenwriter, but I can’t get everything perfect on the first draft. Because the client knew what he wanted, and was comfortable communicating, we were able to take that script to the next level.

professional ghostwriter services, erick mertzMaking A Plan… And Sticking To It

There were times that brought doubt. This is natural. The world of writing is full of doubt (and doubters).

The client had some hesitation throughout the process. There were elements of the novel he had to sacrifice (which is natural in a screenplay adaptation) and there were a few changes to the core story.

We talked back and forth — a lot. The client even had me talk to his publisher and editor about the choices I recommended. Some of those choices gained the backing of his team and ultimately his buy in. Others? Well, let’s just say, we walked away from a few conversations shaking our heads.

Ultimately, however, the client and I had built a foundation of trust. We worked out compromises on a few critical story points. We discussed movie adaptations that used creative license with the source material and ultimately decided this script would be part of a tradition bigger than itself.

The client took his script and followed the next step of his plan: he submitted it to producers and agents.

Professional Ghostwriter Services: Results Matter

About six months after the client and I finished our work, I received a phone call. I hadn’t seen that phone number come through in a while, and not knowing what I expect, I picked it up.


“I have good news, Erick.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s happening. I sold the script.”

I’ve written about what happens when a client is successful. When that client and I got off the phone, I jumped for joy. I may have hollered loud enough for the neighbors to hear me.

I wasn’t happy because the client made big money… and believe me, he made some pretty big money on that sale. My happiness was because that success is what this process is about.

I’m working for your success. It’s why I’m sharing this case study. 

I hope this addressed some of your interest in how professional ghostwriter services work. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. 


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Erick MertzCase Study: How Professional Ghostwriter Services Work!

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