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Among the most frequent questions that I get asked when a prospective client contacts me about a ghostwriting job are: “what is ghostwriting” and “what exactly do you do?”.

These questions are not as silly as they might sound. They come more often than “how much are you going to cost?” The reason that it is so common is because “ghostwriting” is a catch-all term and it gets thrown around without a clearly defined meaning.

Professional Ghostwriting Services can be broken down in a multitude of ways. In the broadest terms however, ghostwriting is professional writing that is done without credit.

Ghost Writing Services

what is ghostwriting?

If in some manner writing is the job that you need completed, you’ve come to the right place.

Most work scenarios end up very simple. A client tells me what they want out of their manuscript, we decide on a course of action, and I deliver on those needs. When I am finished, they take their book and that constitutes the end of our agreement.

My words. Their name on the cover. When someone buys the book, the client profits.

Ghostwriters are brought in to contribute to a wide variety of projects. Over my many years in this mercurial field, I have been called upon to work on everything from celebrity autobiographies requiring professional touch, to adaptations from screenplay to fiction (or vice versa), all the way down to memoirs meant to tell a family story through generations.

If the job requires a narrative touch, hiring a ghostwriter is definitely an appropriate step.

Beyond the sorts of writing that ends up on the shelf and between the covers, ghostwriters offer their services to a whole host of professional documents. There are ghostwriters who specialize in the specific arena of business writing.

Professional Ghostwriting Services for amazing story scripts

If a CEO or account manager is running short on time and needs to complete their training presentation, calling in a ghostwriter can be a very effective use of time and resources. And because ghostwriters work on a flat fee basis, there are no hidden costs to sneak up on you.

More often than not, I am hired as a second set of eyes. I help my client sort out what the next step for their manuscript should be. Call my role, a writing consultant.

Usually my clients are so full up with a story project (or life in general) they are not quite sure what to do.

Does what I have look like a memoir?

Should I write a novel or a screenplay? I have this ornery first draft but I need someone to come in and help me implement changes.

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A ghostwriter can prove valuable, not only because they have experience, but because they are removed enough to make those changes. We are naturally too close to our work to make those necessary improvements. A ghostwriter offers fresh perspectives and new strategies when it feels as though a dead end has been reached.

Anyone seeking a professional’s touch on their manuscript should consider a ghostwriter.

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