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publishing consultant, book layout and designIf you are a new author, you may wonder about the process by which your manuscript eventually becomes a published book. Quite often I am asked my thoughts as a publishing consultant on book layout & design. In this day and age, high quality, professional book layout & design is an easier than ever option for authors looking to self-publish their manuscript.

Let’s first start with a little history lesson though.

Authors the world over owe a great debt of gratitude to Johannes Gutenberg. If you are unfamiliar with the name, he is the inventor of the printing press. Before Mister Gutenberg invented his press way back in 1440, written material, everything from books to pamphlets to Bibles was created by hand.

That means, before Gutenberg came along, someone had to sit at a desk and transcribe an author’s original manuscript over and over again before it was able to reach an audience. Talk about self-publishing That sounds like a tedious, time-consuming process.

What Gutenberg’s ground-breaking invention led to was the first-ever mass production of written material on a scale the world had never seen before. In some ways, it can be said that he changed the world forever. Thanks to his innovation of movable type, almost overnight, books were everywhere, available to everyone from royalty to peasants. People who could not afford to buy books were suddenly able to buy books.

Thank you very much, Mister Gutenberg. We owe you… everything.

Book Layout & Design Today

Obviously, we have moved on from the days of Gutenberg’s movable type. We have arrived in the digital age. Today your even your basic word processor (think of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Scrivener) is a powerful tool that allows writers to work quickly, to type, delete, re-type at a rate that is remarkable.

But understand a key fact. Your word processor is not a professional publisher.

If your book has been written and edited, and you feel ready to explore publication, hiring a professional for layout & design is your next logical step. Transforming your Word or Scrivener document into a vibrant, exciting ready-to-publish document is key to meeting your reader expectations.

A book layout & design professional can help you complete three critical tasks for your book.

  1. They take your basic word processor document and transfer it into publishing software.
  2. With the manuscript is inside of the publishing suite, they lay the book out, creating everything from title pages, page numbers and chapter headings. They also create the key sections of the book like the Foreward, About The Author, Afterward, etc…
  3. Once the book has been designed, they create the necessary files for publishing on a wide range of platforms, everywhere from Kobo to Apple Books, Google Books and of course, the world’s largest bookseller, Amazon and Kindle.

Publishing Consultant On Book Layout And Design

At first glance, that may look like hiring two different professionals. One for layout and design and the other for publication.

That does not have to be the case though.

Today, you can get a professional-quality book layout & design all in one place. Your book can look exactly like the best-selling books on Amazon.

There is absolutely no need to shop around and pay for all these services separately. Offering professional publishing consultant services, we can discuss in detail your project’s specific layout and design needs and come up with a plan that gets your book to market.

Contact me today to discuss my array of professional layout & design solutions. I offer a low-cost package for this service with a guaranteed turn around time that is second to none. 

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publishing consultant on layout and design, erick mertz, portland oregon

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