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Do you have a half-written manuscript laying around? You would be surprised at how many people do. Well, if you’re one of them and you’re serious about getting the book into the market, professional manuscript consultation may be the service for you.

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Every caller or email contact receives a free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your options for improving their fiction, memoir or screenwriting manuscript.

What Authors Are Saying About Manuscript Consultation:

Bobby Rea“Erick Mertz is writing a manuscript that is a project of great importance to me. Erick has been extremely helpful consulting on my manuscript. He has offered valuable insight into creating and editing content and has been instrumental getting to the heart of my story.”
“More so, he has gone beyond the bounds of our contractual relationship by offering valuable advice on a secondary but equally important blogging project. I have grown to be confident in Erick’s work, and I would recommend hiring him for editorial and content development work.”
— Bobby Rea, blogger and author at Blame The Secretary
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“Erick Mertz helped with Revelle my debut, self-published fiction novel. He was instrumental in the difficult editing and development phases, increasing overall quality of the manuscript in preparation for publication. He has a keen sense of story and character, and I highly recommend him to writers needing help with those, i.e. to pretty much any writer of fiction.”

— Alison Wiley, author of Revelle: A Novel

See more of Alison’s novel here at Diamond-Cut-Life.


Teardrops in the Wind“Erick Mertz worked as a consultant on Tear Drops In The Wind my debut self published novel. Not only was he helpful with increasing the quality of my fiction, he was instrumental in teaching me how to get my book published. Erick Mertz brought a great deal of value to my fiction project and I would recommend him to anyone ready to start self-publishing.”

— Lady Robin Thompson, author of Teardrops In The Wind

See more of Robin’s work at her Amazon Author Page.


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