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Self Publishing

Art, Creativity and… Discounts?

Self PublishingRecently, I was talking project price with an editing client. We were trying to find the best payment plan to make the work affordable when I mentioned my regular self publishing discount.

She seemed surprised. Well, first she was grateful then she was surprised.

“Why?” she asked.

A few clients in the past have asked a similar question. Why offer discounts to self publishing authors? For me, the answer is simple: I believe in the independent pursuit of art.

Going the traditional route has its merits. I enjoy talking to authors about their agent and publisher relationships and what they’re doing. It’s an interesting route, full of tall tales, pitfalls and compromise.

Self publishing brings me back to what this is all about. The core of what making anything is all about. Creative beings need to say something. That’s why they come to the table. Because something inside has compelled them to tell a story and the need to get that to their audience trumps other factors.

The way I see it self publishing authors have enough in the way of barriers to getting their work out. Cover design. Type setting. Answering the perpetual question of how to reach an audience.

If giving them a small discount on editing and/or manuscript consultation serves as a means of simplifying that process, I am happy to oblige.

When I was young, one of my favorite artists was Henry Rollins. In particular I loved reading his punk rock manifesto Get In The Van which detailed the relentless touring he undertook with his bands. Although abrasive, Rollins really nails the point in art: no one is going to sell it for you. If you’re an artist, you have to go out there and do it yourself.

If you agree and you feel there is no one better to sell your work, get in touch. I’d love to help.

Is your manuscript in need some help? Contact me today for a free consultation on how we can get your book publication ready.

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Erick Mertz 

Writer, Editor

Erick MertzSelf Publishing – Sell Yourself

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