Should I Write My Story? Advice From A Pro

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Should I Write My Story?

Should I write my story? Why should I even bother telling my story?

This is the one question that a prospective client is bound to ask during an initial interview. Why should I go through the time and expense of crafting a book version my story?

I call it the “drop in the ocean” conundrum.

Story has a recuperative property. Not just for the reader but for the storyteller. I like to respond to clients with “why not tell your story?” Saying no is turning your back on a bigger opportunity than you can know.

Here are three reasons to say yes when faced with the “drop in the ocean” conundrum.

Should I write my story #1 – Your Story Is Unique:

It can be easy to dismiss story. After all, something like it has likely been told before. Love lost and love found, betrayal and redemption are universally held story concepts and odds are, your story has something like that at core.

What is unique is your unique relationship to that broader, archetypal story concept. The story of your lost love, for example, has something to add to the universal phenomenon. Why not add it?

Should I write my story #2 – Readers Go Back For More:

Here is something that is not a well known fact but should be. Readers go back to what works, over and over again. If someone likes to read, for example, stories about Vietnam then odds are they’ll read another.

If we know that readers are loyal, what does that tell us about the book market? That tells us this: if a book is well-written and authentic, the audience for it should be well established.

Choosing not to tell your story is tantamount to cheating your audience.

Should I write my story #3 – Story Is Recuperative:

This is more for the teller than anything else. Telling an intensely personal story is a form of therapy. Often my clients step back from the process with new insights into the experience we’re writing about.

Choosing not to tell your story is also tantamount to cheating yourself out of a unique opportunity to grow and sometimes heal with your past experience.

The answer to the “drop in the ocean” conundrum is not easy. And the task of writing a high quality book that is sellable in a competitive market isn’t as simple as it might sound. But it is an important task.



Erick MertzShould I Write My Story? Advice From A Pro

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