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If you read my recent blog about screenplay format, you understand the importance of your screenplay looking the part. If your screenplay is not formatted the right way, it’s not going to get picked up or made. That is a fitting standard considering we are talking about show business here, …

Erick MertzThe Best Screenwriting Software

How To Write A Screenplay

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screenplay ghostwriter services, erick mertz, portland oregon, how to write a screenplay

Getting the idea out of your head and onto the page is a challenge for any writer. Even the best of them. This is especially challenging for screenwriters, am I right? Why is that? I think it is because screenwriting is, at its heart, a visual storytelling medium. The pictures …

Erick MertzHow To Write A Screenplay

Screenplay Ghostwriter Services

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screenplay ghostwriter services, erick mertz, portland oregon

Screenplay ghostwriter services are an effective way to ensure your story is written to the highest professional standard. Successfully delivering your project to the competitive film and television markets takes a lot of luck… but it takes a lot more in the way of know-how.

A lot of writers come …

Erick MertzScreenplay Ghostwriter Services