Building your business’ presence on YouTube is a critical step in content marketing, second only to maybe optimizing Google as far as its power to reach and educate your customers. A large part of converting viewers to customers is a process of education. You need to teach them what your product or service can do for them. You’re a problem solver, right? Show them how you can make their lives easier. If reaching your customers through YouTube is an objective, then you need to consider video scripts for your business. 

There is a misconception that YouTube’s open nature means that it’s a haven for amateurs. The reality when it comes to marketing your business is that while you don’t need a Hollywood level of professionalism, you still need to convey a clean, clear message that your viewers will find engaging.

What does conventional wisdom say about impressions? That you never get a second chance to make your first on someone. Whoever said this must have been thinking about business marketing. If you put something up on YouTube that looks rough and comes off as unprofessional, you risk alienating potential new customers at the most critical juncture. 

You don’t want to do that. In the rest of this blog, I am going to talk about a few relatively simple ways you can reach viewers and convert them into customers using basic fundamentals, most important of those, developing high-quality video scripts for your business.

Video scripts for your business

Don’t Overthink Things

More timeless advice. Making an effective YouTube video for your site isn’t rocket science. If you search YouTube right now, using any relevant keyphrase, you’re going to find a lot of what marketers might call “talking head” videos. A person, speaking to a camera, delivering a simple message.

Did you open another browser and look for a video? 

Most successful videos feature basic lighting, simple backgrounds, and minimal editing. You don’t need to hire a Hollywood film crew to make a compelling video.

There is something else I want you to do. Check the video you looked at for the number of views. Were there hundreds? Maybe thousands? 

It’s not uncommon to see videos on subjects relevant to your business on YouTube featuring tens, if not hundreds of thousands of views. That’s a lot of eyes on you, talking about your product. 

How do you get them to your video? 

Elements To Reach Your Audience

In order to reach your audience, there are some basic elements you need to know. Every one of those successful videos is different on the surface, but if you look closely, most of them follow similar principals.

The first is that the video answers a question. People often use the search bar in any search engine (which is what, in a sense, YouTube actually is) to post questions they’re considering at any given time. As a business owner, you need to think about the questions your customers need to answe.

If you’re in the home maintenance market, someone might ask how to repair something.

Do you work in the healing arts? Your question might be, how do I treat a particular malady. 

For me, a ghostwriter and editor, I seek to answer questions like how do I write a book? Or, in this case, about how to write video scripts for your business. 

Once you know the question you want to answer, your objective, in a short amount of time, is to answer it for your readers. What is an ideal amount of time? According to recent data, five to fifteen minutes is perfect. However, don’t take that relatively longer amount of time to mean you can ramble. 

Figure out the question. Settle on the answer. Deliver that in a complete yet succinct manner. 

Video scripts for your business

Video Scripts For Your Business – A Simple How To

I just made that sound a little easier than it actually is. Deliver your message in a complete yet succinct manner? For most of us, expert practitioners in our particular field, getting the message out in a reasonably short amount of time is a real challenge. 

The question then becomes, how do you achieve that brevity? How do you get in and out of a marketing video without laboring over the details. 

While doing a talking head video for your business doesn’t exactly depend on an Oscar-worthy kind of performance, you still should have a script of some kind, in hand, before you press record. A script, or some basic talking points, gives your message structure. Writing your message beforehand allows you to make sure everything is included, the right terminology included, ordered in a way that makes sense.

What’s the difference between a video that gets hundreds of views and one that gets thousands? 

Clear and concise, highly searchable, messaging that gets right to the point. Video scripts for your business videos are a critical element of their success. The same optimization that brings viewers to your website and blog, think of SEO, will deliver them to your video. A properly constructed message keeps them there long enough to convert them from mere viewer to customer. 

Building your presence on YouTube is an effective way of delivering customers to your content. Going the extra mile, creating SEO rich video scripts for your business, is a cost-effective investment in delivering your key marketing message.  


I hope this blog addressed some of your questions about video scripts for your business. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.