What Ghostwriter Services Cost

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what ghostwriter services cost, erick mertz, portland oregonWhat ghostwriter services cost? That really is one of the most important questions when it comes to hiring the best professional for your project. On the surface, most of our purchase decisions come down to a matter of money.

We compare costs and choose accordingly. But should cost really be the determining factor?

I have worked as a professional ghostwriter for going on twenty years now. Over my career, considering all of the clients, I can say one thing for certain. The single most difficult element of this business is how to fairly price a project. 

Why is that? Well, for one reason, ghostwriting is not like other products or services on the market. Automobile advertising, for example, comes with the “manufacturers suggested retail price” all over it. You know how the manufacturer values that car, so it is easy to compare two individual dealers.

The same as, say, car parts or repairs. If you have been driving long enough, you know whether a $100 quote for a brake job is too low or too high. The reality that $100 is a terribly low price let’s you know you should run, right?

I mean, anyone willing to do a job at a cut-rate is probably giving you cheap parts or bad service. 

What Ghostwriter Services Cost

The freelance market is flooded with providers. You’ve probably seen them before, services like Upwork, Thumbtack and Fivver (to name a few) that offer an enormous number of provides of everything from writing to transcription, to graphic design all in one place.

The convenience of services like this is second to none. In a matter of moments, a person can create a profile, put out a work request and then simply forget. Within a matter of hours, or minutes in some cases, your inbox is full of available providers. You can skim down, see what they cost, evaluate their ratings and make a fairly educated assessment based on cost.

The trouble with these services is that they create a race to the bottom. What do I mean by that?

For one, Fivver thrives on low-cost services (just look at the name of the service, centered on the concept of a five-dollar service). The others support providers from all over the world, non-English speaking countries, new providers willing to work for nothing.

On a simple cost basis, you will find your cheapest ghostwriter on sites like this. But like the $100 brake job, is going with the cheapest really worth it?

What Ghostwriter Services Cost — Really

Getting the best quality professional ghostwriter for your project is not cheap. But a quality service rarely is, right?

After twenty years, I comfortably price my ghostwriting services in the range of $.70 to $1.00 per finished word. I choose to price by the word (as opposed to the blanket project or hourly rates) because it is the most transparent way to communicate cost to the customer. 

When we arrive at a projected word count in our interview, you will know the cost right away. Nothing hidden.

Why do I price my ghostwriter services in a range? Because every project is a little different. Some books require more outside research, which takes considerably more time. Other books are longer, which allows me to offer reduced rates.

A range allows me to pass flexibility onto you, the customer.

While professional ghostwriter services do cost money, the quality shows up in the finished product. A professionally written book will draw more readers, leading to better reviews, and better reviews yield better sales over the lifetime of the book.

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what ghostwriter services cost, erick mertz, portland oregon

I so adamantly believe that knowing how to conduct a ghostwriting interview is a bedrock of success that I wrote a book about it.

While this book doesn’t necessarily cover what ghostwriter services cost as this blog does, it does serve as an ideal primer for developing a professional mentality to bring to your writing.

If you would like a complimentary copy of How To Hire A Ghostwriter: Your Guide To Finding The Best Pro For Your Project all you have to do is click and download.

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How Do I Contact You?

what ghostwriter services cost, erick mertz, portland oregon

If you are serious about hiring a fiction editor or having your book, screenplay or non-fiction story professionally written by a ghostwriter, or you need self-publishing help, please contact me via email, or call.

Every new contact receives a free 30-minute 1:1 consultation about their ghostwriting project or manuscript consultation.

Additionally, I offer all independent and self-publishing authors a 10% discount on my already affordable services.

Erick MertzWhat Ghostwriter Services Cost

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