Why Your Business Should Be On YouTube

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why your business needs to be on youtube, erick mertz writing, portland, oregon
There’s little doubt that the rapidly changing digital landscape has forever changed the world of business. Gone are the days where a person could establish themselves by simply putting a little ad in the Yellow Pages and waiting for customers to come knocking on their door. The truth is, your potential customers are in more places than ever before, searching for services like yours on sites like Google. The trend many businesses are overlooking, and can hardly afford to anymore, is the power of video content to spread their message. This is the primary reason why your business should be on YouTube.

One of the primary challenges in turning people into customers comes down to a matter of education. You need to educate people about your product, what it does, and how it helps them solve their problem. A simple web page or FAQ may still suffice, however, more and more these days, people are educating themselves through video, whether that is in the form of a talking head explaining something or a simple white board flow chart.

If educating your customer base is a priority, and I’m going to guess it is, then there is a key reason why your business should be on YouTube. 

erick mertzWhy Your Business Should Be On YouTube: The Numbers

Let’s start with what should matter most to a business owner. Those bottom like numbers. If YouTube really is so powerful in reaching potential customers, there should be statistics to prove that.

You don’t need to dig very far to prove the theory. There are a lot of people searching on YouTube right at this very moment. Recent studies show that there are 2.6 billion active YouTube users worldwide, a staggering number that has doubled in the last eight years. Of that breathtaking number, it is estimated that one hundred and twenty-two million of US based users will access the site every day.

However you want to break it down, that’s a lot of users. 

erick mertzLet’s put YouTube in a different context. If you think of it as a “social media” site, like Twitter and Instagram, only Facebook has more. The trend behind that tells us that while the relevance of those other sites is waning, whether through political pressure or plain old obsolescence, YouTube is gaining ground on its competition. 

The numbers I find most compelling dig a little deeper than just total users though. To me, these speak to YouTube’s power for reaching people, potential customers to your business.

Estimates tell us that over fifty percent of all internet users will encounter YouTube content in some form on a monthly basis. More than half. Even if they’re not searching on the site itself. We can visualize this as a person searching for something on-line, a topic, product, or service, and finding a YouTube hosted video at the top of their Google search. 

Why does this happen?

erick mertzWhy YouTube Is So Prevalent Today?

The main reason you see YouTube video content come up in Google searches is quite simple: Google. The world’s largest search engine, one of the biggest companies ever, owns YouTube.

That’s right, YouTube is part of Google. 

The connection is more than just natural – it’s symbiotic. Google wants users to use all of their vast array of products, not just their search engine. Makes sense, right? Google is going to do everything in its power to keep you right where you are. Their search algorithm is activated when you hit that search bar. In an instant, it sorts through all the sites relevant to your search.

Naturally, it is going to prioritize YouTube when it comes to videos.

If you’re working on your company’s web presence, writing SEO rich content for a site you maintain, making YouTube a priority isn’t just a good idea anymore. It’s foolish not to. Whatever your product, it should be your goal to reach the top of search rankings both for the site and video, too

erick mertz writing, why your business should be on youtube

Why Your Business Should Be On YouTube — The Next Steps

We live in an age where, fortunately for most of us, the barrier to entry on a user friendly platform like YouTube is fairly low to start with. We’re not talking about thirty years ago when you needed a professional camera crew, a studio to provide editing, and a commercial star to make the pitch.

People want to see you. Furthermore, they don’t mind so much when the content looks slightly “amateur”. Think of it as organic. In fact, for many, that look lends you an air of credibility. YouTube has revolutionized video marketing by making it more personal.

Starting with an iPhone or equivalent device, knowledge of basic lighting, and some patience, you can create a video that will be suitable for your website. Post the video to YouTube, preferably on your channel, and you’ve broken through that first barrier. 

You can, with little expense, go a step further. You can dominate your industry.

YouTube is, in the most basic sense, a search engine. That means optimizing the content you post on it is ideal. What is optimization?

Optimization is the art (and science) of creating content using terms and phrases that search engines are looking for. Your potential customers are using a specific term to look for your product you need to make sure you use it properly in your copy.

Delivering your message is the first step. If you plan on beating the competition to valuable keywords, using professionally written scripts, designed to satisfy and inform customers as well as bring in the search traffic, can turn that simple video into a money maker. 

Does optimized content really make that much of a difference? Get in touch with me today to discuss developing a focused content strategy, designed to bring people to your site, keep them there, and help convert them to customers. 


I hope this blog addressed some of your questions about why your business should be on YouTube. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. 

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Erick MertzWhy Your Business Should Be On YouTube

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