Writer Craft Podcast Blog – Protagonist’s Needs And Wants

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On this week’s episode of “Writer Craft Podcast” Valerie and I discuss your Protagonist’s Needs And Wants.

How do you know even what those are? What do you do if your main character just isn’t working? If you’re hearing that your main character is flat, maybe it’s time to look at the protagonist’s needs and wants.

You’ve got problems writing your main character, Valerie and I have answers. 

On a personal note, I completed my first short story of 2022. I didn’t set writing a number of short stories as a goal for the year, but I’ve been looking at a stack of cool concepts. It feels good to finally get through some of them.

If you want to read more of my personal writing, check out Erick Mertz Author for stories galore. 
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Erick MertzWriter Craft Podcast Blog – Protagonist’s Needs And Wants

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